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Expectations from the Cloud

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2022-05-13 13:37

The 127th Canton Fair was held entirely in online form for the first time, which is a new attempt for the innovative development of the exhibition industry. It has attracted widespread attention from various sectors at home and abroad, and people are looking forward to exploring it. Before the mysterious veil of online platforms was lifted, social media became the first carrier and channel for interaction and communication between new and old friends and the Canton Fair due to its two-way real-time interaction function that broke through time and space limitations. Since the Canton Fair was confirmed to be held online on April 7th, fans have left over 4000 messages on social media. These voices from the cloud have beautiful memories, high praise, sincere suggestions, enthusiastic expectations, and even a longing for a reunion in the future offline.

Good memories

"Everything starts here. In 2011, a new family was born at the Canton Fair, and this is our second home. Thank you for the wonderful time and business opportunities brought to us by the Canton Fair over the years!" Brazilian fan Mr. Rodrigo left a message on Instagram. In 2011, they set their sights on the Canton Fair. In 2019, they returned to the Canton Fair with their children - the place where their beautiful life began.


"The Canton Fair is being held online, it's great. Our family can go to the exhibition together again," Mr. Rodrigo said.

Highly rated

Due to the ongoing impact of the global pandemic, many fans believe that the 127th Canton Fair has been cancelled. After seeing the information that the 127th Canton Fair will be held online, Mr. Aamir left a message saying, "This is a wise response in the current situation." Ms. Hania said, "It's so creative!" Mr. Amit Jain said, "Due to the pandemic, we can't participate offline. Online visits are a great choice."

There are many similar comments, all of which believe that hosting the Canton Fair online is a timely and pragmatic innovative measure, which is of great significance for promoting global economic and trade exchanges in special times.


Sincere advice

"I hope the online platform is convenient to use and makes it easier for buyers to place orders," Nigerian fan Mr. Uchechukwu left a message on Facebook.






"I am full of anticipation for every Canton Fair, and every time I attend, I can find many interesting products." Uzbekistan fan Mr. Boriykhon left a message on Facebook. Mr. Boriykhon is a typical representative of the 1.72 million fans who have grown together with the Canton Fair. He continues to follow the social media homepage of the Canton Fair to obtain the latest information. Since his first participation in the 121st Canton Fair, his cumulative transactions have exceeded 10 million RMB. While achieving good business development, he also encourages more friends to actively participate in online Canton Fair and share global business opportunities.


Future aspirations

Many old friends attend the Canton Fair every year, such as Mr. Rodriguez from Chile, who has brought over 5000 buyers to the fair in the past 9 years. He is happy to continue his economic and trade cooperation with Chinese enterprises through online "screen to screen", but he looks forward to meeting his old friends face-to-face offline again. Mr. Zahir Ahmed, a fan who has never attended the Canton Fair, was deeply infected after joining his social media circle. He hopes to be able to attend the event in person and witness the grand gathering of merchants at the Canton Fair in the future.
The longing of old friends and new fans for the integration of online and offline development at the Canton Fair is the direction we will strive towards in the future.


 Focusing on the expectations and suggestions of buyers, this year's Canton Fair fully utilizes advanced information technology to improve and develop new functions such as enterprise live streaming, order release, intelligent recommendation, instant communication, and appointment negotiation, with the aim of making buyers "accessible, accessible, and affordable".

In order to facilitate people with different languages, regions, and interests to timely access the latest information of the Canton Fair, the Foreign Trade Center has achieved full coverage on eight global social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, VK, Pinterest, and TikTok, with a fan base of over 1.72 million, ranking first in the global industry. As of now, 330 posts have been accurately pushed through eight major social media platforms, using seven languages, classified, batch, and themed, introducing new features, highlights, and services of the 127th Canton Fair online. Fans have participated in more than 1.31 million interactions.

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