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Congratulations | Guangqin's 20th anniversary was successfully held on March 18!

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2022-07-29 16:11

Warm congratulations on the successful holding of the 20th anniversary celebration of Guangqin Company in 2021 on March 18! More than 50 people including leaders of the head office, retired leaders and all employees of Guangqin attended the annual meeting.

祝贺 | 广勤公司20周年庆于3月18日圆满举行!

Through this annual meeting, we not only saw the grand occasion of the 20th anniversary of Guangqin Company, but also saw the traces of growth in the past 20 years along the time.

祝贺 | 广勤公司20周年庆于3月18日圆满举行!祝贺 | 广勤公司20周年庆于3月18日圆满举行!祝贺 | 广勤公司20周年庆于3月18日圆满举行!祝贺 | 广勤公司20周年庆于3月18日圆满举行!祝贺 | 广勤公司20周年庆于3月18日圆满举行!

In March 2001, under the leadership and support of the government and the head office, Guangqin people set sail, adhering to the business tenet of "supporting the production and development of local enterprises, devoting to exploring the international market, and promoting enterprises to expand exports". After years of hard work, it has become a large-scale import and export company in Zhongshan City. Behind these achievements, in addition to the hard work of our colleagues, it is also inseparable from the wise leadership leading us to overcome difficulties.

   01     leader's speech

·······  Mr. Mai, the person in charge of the company, delivered a speech  ·······

祝贺 | 广勤公司20周年庆于3月18日圆满举行!

Thank you Mr. Mai for leading us through difficulties one after another, and leading Guangqin to move forward steadily in such a difficult year in 2020! In the future, we will continue to go hand in hand and make great achievements!

·······  Mr. Zhang, the old leader, delivered a speech  ·······

祝贺 | 广勤公司20周年庆于3月18日圆满举行!

The solid foundation of Guangqin Company is inseparable from Mr. Zhang. Mr. Zhang has always cared about Guangqin, and his concern for Guangqin and this feeling deserve all employees to look up to him!

02 Watch the special production of "The 20th Anniversary of Guangqin Trading"

Over the past 20 years, we have been down-to-earth and full of ambition, smashing the waves and striving to develop in the storm of the foreign trade market, making concerted efforts in the unpredictable rapids, and seeking progress in stability! We have paid the price of growth and gained the joy of success. We have inspired our youth, sweated, and created our miracles!

Guangqin people "join hands in the present, feel the glory and emotion of 20 years, look forward to tomorrow, and sing the hope and heroism in their hearts".

祝贺 | 广勤公司20周年庆于3月18日圆满举行!祝贺 | 广勤公司20周年庆于3月18日圆满举行!祝贺 | 广勤公司20周年庆于3月18日圆满举行!

   03     Awards session

While summarizing the work, Guangqin Company would like to thank all the employees who worked hard and paid behind the scenes. In the past 20 years, every employee has worked diligently and sweated to create brilliant performance. Taking advantage of the 20th anniversary celebration of Guangqin Company, every employee of Guangqin was commended and presented with souvenirs.


·······  Innovation Award ·······

Pioneering and enterprising, determined to innovate

List of winners

He Qiyong, Li Yaqi, Li Tianhua, He Minhua

Li Zhijian, Li Xingzhu, Liu Qiaomei, Huang Wanhua

祝贺 | 广勤公司20周年庆于3月18日圆满举行!


······· Forge ahead award  ·······

Live up to your youth, forge ahead

List of winners

Huang Hanbo, Chen Libing, Deng Limin, Li Fengjiao

He Xueling, Fang Hanrong, Li Zhongrong, Zhou Zhuanfen

Li Xinyi, Li Haotian, Huang Jianyuan

祝贺 | 广勤公司20周年庆于3月18日圆满举行!


·······  Dedicated and Loved Post Award  ·······

Diligent and pragmatic, dedicated and dedicated

List of winners

Liang Xuejiao, Zhao Guohao, Liang Zhikun, Huang Jinqiang

Chen Xuanmei, He Shiyou, Chen Ruiming

祝贺 | 广勤公司20周年庆于3月18日圆满举行!


·······  Dedicated and Loved Post Award ·······

Stand together through thick and thin, work together

List of winners

Mai Jianyi, Li Yingyang, Tan Huanhua, Han Dianchou, Lu Jiewen

Liang Junnan, Cen Jiemei, Zhang Qiaoling, He Liuzhen, Chen Danhong

Gao Ruihua, He Qimei, He Yonglin, Yang Yaodong, Li Jiewei

Feng Jingtian, Li Junkun

祝贺 | 广勤公司20周年庆于3月18日圆满举行!


·······  Special Dedication Award  ·······

Prosperous years, thank you

List of winners

Zhang Jianping, Li Juanhua, Yang Jukun

祝贺 | 广勤公司20周年庆于3月18日圆满举行!

Summarizing work is to learn from experience, looking forward to the future is to clarify goals, and commending excellence is to set an example to motivate all staff.

   04     toast

祝贺 | 广勤公司20周年庆于3月18日圆满举行!

The achievements of Guangqin company come from the correct leadership of the head office, and the brilliance cannot be separated from the resounding brand of Guangqin. In the past 20 years, the people of Guangqin have experienced the test of the cold winter, and they will surely usher in the hope of spring. Today Guangqin has accumulated the strength to forge ahead, and it will be another new starting point for Guangqin in the future!

   05     host singing

祝贺 | 广勤公司20周年庆于3月18日圆满举行!祝贺 | 广勤公司20周年庆于3月18日圆满举行!

The host Li Haotian sang "Thank You" and "Friends" for everyone. Thank you for your hard work. We will walk together in the future!

   06     Group photo

20 years is not the end, but a new beginning. At this new starting point, we Guangqin people will meet new challenges, create more miracles, and write a more brilliant new chapter!

祝贺 | 广勤公司20周年庆于3月18日圆满举行!祝贺 | 广勤公司20周年庆于3月18日圆满举行!

So far, the 20th anniversary celebration of Guangqin Company has come to a successful conclusion. In 2021, we have a new goal and a new direction, let us continue to bloom! Build the grand blueprint of Guangqin Company together!

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