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Cloud promotion of the 127th Canton Fair helped to develop markets along the "the Belt and Road"

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2022-05-13 13:39

Recently, the global cloud promotion activities of the 127th Canton Fair were connected to Uzbekistan and India respectively. Mr. Asimov, President of Uzbekistan International Business and Technology Association, Mr. Husang, Vice President of Uzbekistan China Trade House, Mr. Hanshan, Head of Uzbekistan International Business Travel Agency, and Mr. Kuma, Vice President of Indo China Trade Center, attended the event online and delivered speeches. The two events attracted over a hundred representatives from local small and medium-sized enterprises and buyers to participate.


Asimov pointed out that the Canton Fair is renowned worldwide and an ideal platform for global merchants to purchase high-quality Chinese goods. This year's Canton Fair will be held in the cloud, providing exhibitors and buyers with an opportunity to engage in 24/7 online negotiations and seek business opportunities together. The cloud promotion of the Canton Fair has built a communication bridge between China, Uzbekistan, and other Central Asian countries, bringing fresh and practical Canton Fair information to the business community. We look forward to experiencing the unique experience of online exhibitions in the cloud as soon as possible.

Hanshan stated that the Canton Fair is a banner of China's exhibition industry and has a high reputation in Uzbekistan. The company organizes delegations to attend each session, helping Ukrainian enterprises find suppliers and negotiate cooperation. The current global epidemic situation is still severe. The online hosting of the 127th Canton Fair is a beneficial measure to ensure the safety of exhibitors and maintain international cooperation and exchange.

Mr. Kuma pointed out that he is pleased to use cloud technology to communicate online with the organizers of the Canton Fair. The Canton Fair is the largest comprehensive trade exhibition in China, providing Indian companies with numerous choices. As a partner of the Canton Fair in India, the Indo China Trade Center has been promoting and promoting the Canton Fair in various parts of India for a long time. I hope to use today's cloud promotion to convey the information held online at the Canton Fair to the second and third tier markets, and attract more local buyers to attend.

Mr. Yu Yi, Deputy Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Canton Fair and Deputy General Manager of the International Liaison Department of the China Foreign Trade Center, introduced the overall situation, platform functions, and highlights of this year's Canton Fair online. He sincerely invited local merchants to participate actively and seize market opportunities. The staff of the League of Nations department demonstrated in detail the various business processes of the online platform of the Canton Fair, and engaged in interactive exchanges on exhibition area settings, supply and procurement coordination and other issues raised by customers.


In recent years, the Canton Fair is committed to deepening economic and trade cooperation and exchanges between China and countries along the "the Belt and Road". The proportion of buyers from countries along the route attending each session exceeds 45% and is on the rise. The number of buyers from Uzbekistan at each Canton Fair ranks first among Central Asian countries, and the number of buyers from India attending the fair ranks among the top in the world. This Canton Fair continues to strengthen the promotion of investment to countries along the route. In addition to Uzbekistan and India, this cloud promotion will also connect Russia, Mongolia, Indonesia, Jordan, Lebanon and other countries along the route, injecting new impetus into the international cooperation of the "the Belt and Road".

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